Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June 2017 Prayer Items

Pray for the “P.K.-27” social works campus construction in Gabon.  Phase 1 is underway- a medical clinic and airstrip construction.  A short term team is joining Steve there from June 18-30.  Pray that this property would be used in mighty ways to express the Kingdom and draw people to Jesus.  Pray for the provision of additional funds as machine rentals have increased dramatically.  More info at www.Wings4Africa.org.  If you or your organization or church would like to come to be a part of another trip to help with PK-27, please email me at Gabon.Pilot@gmail.com

Pray for the many staffing needs with Missionary Air Group- both at the US base and at the international programs.  Pray that the Lord would draw pilots, mechanics, community health workers, and administrators to assist in the efforts to bring God’s love to remote people groups.  Pray for Steve and Alace as they recruit and train these new missionaries.

Pray for our aircraft in Gabon.  A recent annual inspection revealed many costly issues that need to be addressed.  Pray that the resources of mechanics, parts, and finances come together soon.  Pray that the aircraft can be flying again, soon, to help expedite Gospel efforts in Central Africa.

Pray for the season of pilot recurrency that Steve will enter soon after the runway construction project. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

MAG Open House & Facility Dedication

On April 22 over 300 supporters of Missionary Air Group descended upon the Burlington-Alamance Regional Airport, in Burlington, NC, for the Dedication Ceremony of MAG’s new headquarters.

The MAG Open House and Facility Dedication was a day to honor those that were instrumental in the move into our new base and the office addition that happened concurrently. 

The new MAG World Headquarters features a 1000 sq. ft. operations wing, a 4800 sq. ft. hangar, and the newly constructed 1400 sq. ft. administration wing.  During the open house, the facility was prayed over and dedicated as a resource to advance the Gospel around the world. 

The new admin wing was built over the period of roughly one year. Manpower came from a total of 56 individuals, from 18 churches, from 8 states.  The result is a modern, welcoming, & functional space where MAG staff can support the international work.

The entire MAG Staff was on hand to participate- US-based teammates were joined by MAG international workers from Gabon, Guatemala, and Honduras.  Attendees to the open house were able to visit with the missionaries while touring the MAG facilities.

Another aspect of the day was highlighting needs where additional teamwork is necessary.  In this photo, one such need is highlighted- a new, $77,000 engine is needed for a MAG refurbished aircraft, so that it can start serving in the fleet.  Please consider becoming a MAG teammate 
and help in the effort.  

A Cessna 206 training aircraft was on hand. MAG uses 6-seat aircraft such as these at our international service locations.  They are capable of operating from small, rugged airstrips, meeting the needs of remote people groups and demonstrating God’s love. 

The event was a good time for the whole family.  Our Kids Zone area featured fun and crafts designed to focus attention on the world and imagining life in those far off places.

Everyone was welcomed to explore our aircraft and imagine the types of missions MAG performs regularly. The majority of MAG efforts focus on gaining credibility among marginalized people through medical focused work, such that they become open to the message of the Gospel.

MAG is in need of more teammates!  Perhaps these young ones will one day join us.  Will you consider joining the MAG team?  We need YOU to join us in praying, in giving of resources, and in staffing our programs both in the US and around the world.   

Please visit the MAG website at www.flyMAG.org for more information or email info@missionaryairgroup.org. 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Bongolo Eye Clinic Story

Let me introduce you to Jean.  

Jean’s wife died 2-3 years ago, and then Jean went blind in both eyes from cataracts.  

His village thought that he went blind because he must have somehow been responsible for his wife’s death; his blindness was taken as proof.  (In the local culture, people often look for spiritual causes of physical problems.)  

It has really bothered him that others say this about him.  

When Jean arrived at Bongolo, we took out the cataracts in both of his eyes, and he can see clearly now.  

He is looking forward to going back to his village and showing them that he is healed, since that will convince them that he wasn’t responsible for his wife’s death after all.  He will be accepted by them again.  

He also has decided to receive Jesus as his savior because he is so thankful for what Jesus did for him here at Bongolo.   (story submitted by Eric H.)

Sunday, April 30, 2017


Thank you for continuing the journey with us!  Here are some updates:

1.  We are faith supported and currently in need of additional sustaining partners.  (www.teamupwiththestraws.org)

2.  Alace and Steve give oversight to member care and aviation operations for bases in Gabon, Guatemala, and Honduras.  Please pray as they are introducing new strategies, policies, standards, and pre-field training requirements that will help their teammates at Missionary Air Group to be well-equipped for living out God’s calling in those cross-cultural settings.

3.  Steve is working with national church leaders in Gabon on their project to clear land for a runway that will be a critical link at their new social works campus, just outside the Libreville, the capital city.  www.Wings4Africa.org  A group from the US is arriving in June to join the work.

4.  Joe, our oldest, is graduating from Moody Bible Institute (Chicago) on May 13th!  Please celebrate with us and pray for the next steps in his life.  It is a mix of emotions for him and he is praying for peace and guidance.

5.  Our family prayer remains the same- that we give evidence of our God who loves to do the impossible!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Bongolo Hospital Update

Bongolo Hospital has been far more busy and stressful of late than normal, due to a number of reasons.

First, the many of the government run hospitals are on strike.  This happens periodically in Gabon and, when it does, the word spreads, far and wide, that medical care is still happening at Bongolo.

Secondly, there has been a measles epidemic.  Normally, the government would have a vaccination plan, but it is not happening at this time.

Thirdly, medications at Bongolo are running very low and the resources to order more medications are somewhat dependent on a government insurance program.  That program is very far behind on their payments to Bongolo, so it's hard to keep the medicines stocked.

Fourthly, Bongolo is short-staffed, with some teammates on sick-leave and other positions waiting to be filled.  Please pray for speedy recoveries for the current staff and for new staff (especially a primary care doctor and nurse) to join the team.

Yet... yet... through it all, each person coming to Bongolo is prayed for and cared for in the name of Jesus.  Please pray for lives to continue to be transformed!  About 3000-4000 patients are, on average, coming through the doors of Bongolo each month.

The Bongolo team is celebrating the return of one of the former surgical PAACS residents, Dr. Anatole Nzanzu and his family.  He will be helping the team as a teaching surgical doctor as well as being a boost to the worship team as a talented guitarist and singer.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!  The AMB (MAG) Cessna 207 aircraft has a series of flights coming up to support the surgical training program at Bongolo (www.PAACS.org).  Please pray for continued safety.  Soon after, it will be time for the annual inspection.  We'll have more photos to post soon.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

In Case You Missed It- New Year Mailing

In Case you didn't get our New Year update in your mailbox, here it is, below, page one and two.

If you would like to be on our mailing list to get these sent to your home, email us your snail-mail to gabon.pilot@gmail.com.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Seeing... Sometimes Believing

A story from Bongolo Eye Clinic

Fidele, a 34 year-old man, has been blind in both eyes “for a long time.”  

He was told in the capital city of Libreville that nothing could be done for his vision.  

He has a 2 year-old child that he had never seen with his own eyes.  

His wife’s friends told her that she should leave him because she shouldn’t be stuck with a man who is already blind at such a young age, when she is so young herself.  His wife was ashamed of him.  

He had affairs and drank too much alcohol; he had lost all hope.  

So when he had cataract surgery here last week and the patch was removed the following day, he felt like whooping and hollering when he realized he could see again.  

He suddenly had hope.  

This week, he decided that he would follow “the God of Bongolo Hospital – the God of Hope.”  Pray for a complete transformation of his life.  

Fidele- his name, by the way, means “faithful.”

Submitted by Eric H.; photo pahte

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Gabon Shipping Container Update

Gabon teammates work to unload the November '16 container at Bongolo.
March 2017 Update:

In 2017, there will only be one Container sent to Gabon.  It will be packed up on or near June 1st.

If you have something to send, please do not send it until April 1st.  How to send?  Read below.

If you are sending medical items, Coleen L. is coordinating that, so please email her to verify what you are sending or if you have questions about what is needed.  Her email is:  coliemark@gmail.com.

Here is the current NEEDS list for Bongolo Hospital:

A.  VITAMINS:  Centrum (or similar with all the trace minerals) multivitamins for children especially, but also for adults. Please don’t send the round, gumball like Centrum children, but the chewable ones

B.  Artificial Tears like Systane or generic                                                                                                             
C.  Delivery table and OR table covers made out of flat sheets (see instructions below)**

D.  *sterilization wraps

E.  EYE GLASSES & CASES:  new reading glasses, glass cases (homemade or bought), good used eye glass frames (either you or they will remove the present glass), disposable pen lights for eye clinic. Look for ideas on making glass cases on  the Internet. 

F.  TOYS:  Small toys or stickers for kids who come to the eye clinic.

G. (for those who can get medical supplie) Interosseus Needles, and chest tubes sizes 10-16 and adult 30-40, and chest tube draining systems. Spinal Needs #22 & #25, and triple lumen central line catheters for children and adults.  (NOTE:  there are organizations that will donate some of these items, but you need to pay the shipping.  If  you are interested in helping send these needed items, let Coleen L. know)

H. long white lab coats;  new or slightly used scrubs sizes small to medium (right now there are enough of the larger)

I. children’s patient gowns (see patterns on Internet)

J. inexpensive “sippy cups” and "baby spoons"

K. reusable underpads (34” x 36”) See web sites like www.allegromedical.com

L.  OTHER ITEMS:  If you have items you think might be useful, but are not on the list, please e-mail Coleen (coliemark@gmail.com) or call her at 218-245-2706. Please let other churches know about the shipment.  Once again, that you for  your generous giving!

* Instructions for sterilization wraps: finished sizes needed  are 12” x 12”, 24” x 24”, 36” x 36”. 48” x 48”.  You can make them out of gently used cotton and cotton/polyester material or  sheets or old cloth tablecloths. Don’s use flannel as it is too loose a weave.  Preferred colors are blue, green or white solid (others accepted though).  To make them, cut the material 1/2” larger than the size wanted.  They are to be double thickness, with the seams on the inside.  After sewing the two pieces of material, turn it inside right, then sew a seam about 1/2” around the entire square and then an “X” from corner to corner.  this way, when they are washed, they will stay in place.  Questions?  Call me at 218-245-2706.

**Instructions for delivery table sheets: use flat sheets twin or full size, any color, out of cotton or cotton/polyester. Fold sheet in half so it is 48” x 66” (twin) or 48”x 81” (full).  Sew or Zig-zag around the entire doubled sheet, including the folded side, close to the edge.   Then measure half way down (33” or 40.1”) and sew across the sheet. 


Thanks for your Partnership and Teamwork!


Jan 2017 Update:

The Gabon team may only have one shipping container this year, perhaps sometime between April and June.  The decision should be made sometime this week.

No empty pill bottles will be needed for the time being- there is a current surplus... thanks for all your hard work!  A list of critical needs will be posted soon.

Note:  You can now use "www.gaboncontainer.org" if that helps to remember where to get up to date info.