Friday, December 6, 2013

Hope House and Nelson Mandela

OCT 2014 UPDATE:  Check out the E4 Project website for the latest on Hope House.  CLICK HERE

AUG 2014 UPDATE: ROOF PROVIDED!!!  Update coming soon.


FEB 2014 UPDATE- A C&MA church in Libreville (AVEA II church) donated $2000 to the urgent construction needs of HOPE HOUSE!  An additional $400 has been donated from international donors!  Please read below to find out how to help with the remaining need ($3600).

DEC 2013-
Today, I am in Libreville "by accident" for a second day.
You see, immigration didn't like my exit visa documentation and held me at the airport while my flight back to my family in Cameroon boarded and then departed.  That was two days ago.

So, while I'm working to fix my airline ticket to the next flight to my destination (Friday) and then getting my passport ship-shape for round two with immigration at the airport, I'm keeping my eyes open for ways to stay engaged, here in a city where I've lived the past 5 years, save for the last 4 months in Cameroon.

Ironically, I'm now a guest in the guest house that Alace, my lovely wife, was director.  My "used-to-be" house (next door) along with all my furnishings are now home to a new family.  I had a wonderful time visiting them and seeing them enjoying those furnishings... in a weird way, however.  ("Hey- that's my couch!")

I asked a colleague if I could help run some errands during this surprise extended stay in LBV and I was happy to be tasked with…

... a few things.  This morning, one task had me driving across town to visit our hospital's warehouse at the Bible Campus we call "CeFTAC".  This happens to be the new temporary home for the Hope House home for at-risk kids run by Pastor Israel and his wife, mama Nathalie.

We've been friends with Hope House for many years and have watched them struggle to find a home.  They are now on their 5th home in 5 years.  In their current home, they have 40 children in a guest house at the Bible Campus that is made to house about 15 adults!  On top of that, there are 10 of the older boys that are living in a house about 4 kilometers away, near their high school.

It is the prayer of Israel and Nathalie that each young person is discipled and mentored to follow Jesus and to become world-changers for God's work.  I love their vision and heart.  This is the heart of our heavenly father who adopts us in and believes in the potential in each one of us to be world-changers.

So, on this day when the world mourns the death of Nelson Mandela, I had the opportunity to spend time chatting with Pastor Israel- another African man that understands injustice and will not sit idly by.

Despite the on-going challenges of running the Hope House and finding adequate housing for the children, he is hopeful and still working for a solution… again.


The owner of the house where the older boys live has agreed to allow Pastor Israel to add on to the house the necessary space to assist the ministry to house all 50 of the children!  He has this in writing.

The future plan is to have the Hope House in a brand new, multi-building facility on the "COSAC" social works campus that the national church is pursuing (bulldozers clearing now!).

The project to get the Hope House into their temporary house until the new, long term homes are ready (likely at least 3 years from now), needs our help.  There simply are not much in the way of funds to support the work, and Pastor Israel is working a second job to find extra resources to pay for material and labor.


Would you consider getting involved?  The goal is $6000 to get him the material he needs and pay the workers to get the work done ASAP.  The C&MA has a giving mechanism to make sure your donation is receipted and the funds are handled properly.  The link is below.  When you get to the page, simply type in "Hope House" into the blank under "Give to Int'l Workers and Special Projects".


In this giving season, especially as we reflect on those that laid down their life for the sake of fighting injustice, I'm so thankful for all of you that stand together to assist in the plight of Hope House with your prayers and generous gifts.  Thank you so much!


Over the years, hundreds of visitors have come to spend time with Hope House.  If that was you, we invite you to come back!  If you've never been, please do consider.  There is always something that can be done from teaching life skills (sewing, crafts) or health issues (pulling teeth, hygiene) or Bible study, or many many projects around the house (kids break stuff!).

Each visitor is touched in a big way and the connection with the students is encouraging to them and the Hope House leaders.  Let us know if you are interested in a visit and we'll be happy to let you know how to set up a visit.  Email me at


  1. Next time you visit Pasteur Israel of Hope House...greet him from Pastor Ron Israel of Dallas, Oregon. Thanks

    1. Hello Ron! I will pass this along to Pastor Israel, for sure.