Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hope House Update- Home for At-Risk Children

Today, Hope House director, Pastor Israel, reports some good news.

A large C&MA church in the capital city of Libreville, has given $2000 to assist Hope House's construction project.  Internationally, in the past 3 months, about $400 has come in as well.

Early in December of last year, you might remember that the need stood at $6000 to add 9 rooms onto the house where the older boys of Hope House now live in the ACAE neighborhood- Israel pronounces it "ah-kai-ee".

"Guest House" is where our family lived (Alace was director) for past 5 years.

Again, the crisis remains- their temporary home is meant to house about 15 adult visitors at the Bible College… Hope House has jammed about 40 children and Pastor Israel's family into the small apartment!  Additionally, the older boys live at the ACAE house unsupervised.

In total, they have 54 children registered in Hope House.  The new home will, in the end, have 15 rooms, and perhaps have a "normal" capacity for 40 to 45 children.  Pastor Israel told me this morning, he knows he'll need to place about a dozen children elsewhere.  We are praying for families in Gabon to open their homes.

Please continue to pray for provision for the remaining $3600 for material and labor costs to quickly get the facility built that will be the new home for Hope House.

Please consider a donation to their fund:

The C&MA has a giving mechanism to make sure your donation is receipted and the funds are handled properly.  The link is below.  When you get to the page, simply type in "Hope House" into the blank under "Give to Int'l Workers and Special Projects".


Thank you so much!

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