Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jungle Love

We're having a great time in the jungle on our spring break. Here are some photos so far:

We had a large group with a lot of stuff,
So we swapped our Nissan Patrol for
our Business Agent's van.

Our traveling companions,
Dan and Alicia L.

Here's our crew! Happy to be together
for Spring Break!

When you arrive in the jungle, there's
an indescribable desire to grab a
machete and go "hack stuff"!

Father-Son bonding as we clear the old
trail to the water hole and then blazing
a trail to the Louetsi River behind the
Thelander house.

Bamboo out the Wazoo!
Anyone ever seen "Lost"?

After hacking and hacking for a couple of hours,
We started to make out the river!

After making it to the river's edge,
we saw a tree limb suspended out over
the river.

Here's the view from the limb! Spectacular!
A small lagoon is to the right of the photo...
The Thelander Lagoon!

Here's Dan and I "out on a limb".
You may notice that one of us seems to have
survived the trek in better shape!

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