Sunday, June 13, 2010

Texas R&R

Q: So... what can help us relax & recharge after 2 months in the states and over 40 project presentations under our belts?

A: A trip to TEXAS!!!

Here we are chillaxing with our TX crew- Alace's family.
A big thanks to Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Skeet for hosting our stay which includes the blessing of our family trashing the place and borrowing automobiles.

Skeet & Kathleen also treated our family to the Broadway musical "Wicked" (a spin off of "Wizard of Oz") playing at the Dallas Summer Music Hall. This is the only photo we were permitted to take... the curtain before the 1st act. Awesome musical!

This weekend, we've been with friends in East Texas. Here we are on our friends' sail boat on the Lake O' The Pines. It was a beautiful day.

Good times on the open seas ... or... lake.

Then our good friend (and Lieutenant Colonel) Dave buzzed in with a student in a T-6 out of Pensicola, FL. Here he is with the the kids.

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