Friday, June 25, 2010

Airplane Update

When larger organizations/companies have an aircraft go down for maintenance, they're able to absorb the loss by shuffling other airplanes to fill in. Well, as you know, we're a one-airplane operation... so... we have to look for other options.

As previously
mentioned, we have some initial possibilities in a Beechcraft Baron (right) and Cessna 206 (left). Both are 6 seat aircraft with double doors that make loading a stretcher or larger cargo possible. We are still negotiating things with the owners- please pray for this.

As for our aircraft, we are moving forward with our insurance. They have agreed to the quote we provided and will be wiring the initial payment soon. This will assist us in getting things going.

For now, N207FD remains in the hangar at the end of the road where we set it down during the emergency.

We hope to have a crew from MMS Aviation in Gabon to containerize the airplane for its' trip across the Atlantic for repair at their
facility in Ohio. Our aircraft will be used by this faith-based organization as a training tool for men and women getting experience as they prepare to serve in mission aviation all over the world. Pretty cool.

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