Sunday, December 24, 2023

Bongolo Friends Update!

 From Dr. David Thompson!

Hi Friends! Next to me is a recent graduate from the nursing school
at Bongolo Hospital. During the month of June, I helped out
while some of our IW's were on home assignment. 

Many changes have taken place since June, but first I want 

to tell you that Bongolo Friends was able to provide the hospital 

with a grant of $80,000 to help the hospital order medicines for 

the coming year. This was because the government owes the 

hospital almost $500,000 in insurance payments! 

 Every year, Bongolo Hospital spends more than $160,000
on orders from Asia for medications and medical
supplies. This is
one fifth the cost of purchasing
medicines and supplies in Gabon's capital city,
and allows the hospital to serve all who need help.

Other News: Since June, IW's who have returned from home
in the U.S. or are newly arrived include
Dr. Renee Valach, Dr. Wendy and Eric H. and their three children;
Dr. Zack and Jen O. (both general surgeons); the Team Leader
and nurse Amanda and IT tech Christopher E., Dr. Alicia S. (OB/gyn);
and pilot Steve S. and his wife Alace. New arrivals include
Dr. Stephen S. (Family Medicine) and Dr. & Mrs. David
S. and their two young children (General surgery).
Dr. Kristen (ophthalmologist) and Dr. Peter (general surgeon) will join the
Bongolo team May '24. Pilot Rob and his wife
Dr. Bintou P. and their son are expected to return Jan 2024.
This amazing list does not include Bongolo's five PAACS surgery 
residents and their spouses, or the many outstanding African 
leaders serving on Bongolo Hospital's administrative team. 

Bongolo's three chaplains are extraordinarily active and have a 

deep love for patients who come, either as outpatients or inpatients. 

Their goal is to share the gospel with every patient that comes. 

Recently a man who after cataract surgery could see clearly said, 

“I just don’t have the words. I see really well, and all of my 

expectations were met. I’m just really thankful!”

Patients who hear the gospel message from our chaplains and 

turn to Jesus during their stay are encouraged to attend churches 

nearest to them, like this one in the photo. Our chaplains contact 

by phone the pastors nearest a new convert's home and encourage 

the pastors to contact them. At the hospital's joint mission/church 

board meeting in October, the chaplains' reported that during the 

previous seven months, a total of 457 patients prayed to receive 

Christ. Of that number they were able to connect 404 new 

believers with the pastors of churches nearest them, and verify 

they were "integrated."

During my visit, I learned that a church in the U.S. had shipped two large TV screens to Bongolo Hospital so the chaplains can show Christian programming in local languages in the waiting area, including the Jesus film. They hope to get that set up soon. 

Over the past 12 months the hospital has treated 23,000 outpatients and more than 3,000 inpatients. What an amazing opportunity to respond with compassion to the sick, and to proclaim to them God's good news! 

As you and you celebrate this Thanksgiving and Christmas season with your family, would you consider sending a gift of any amount to Bongolo Friends? In doing so, you will be helping us ensure that this ministry will continue to thrive. 

Please check out our website online at, and donate online. If you have questions, call me at 530-395-6286 (I'm on Pacific Standard Time). If I don't answer, send me a text, and I'll reply asap! 

Dr. David Thompson 

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