Thursday, November 30, 2023



At the end of the summer, Alace's mom, Barbara
had surgery for cancer and then came four rounds
of chemotherapy that finally ended at the end of 
October. She lives near Cincinatti.

Alace's biological grandmother, whom Barbara
(adopted as a baby) had just connected with over the 
past year, was also able to join for the first part of this 
journey! She's from East Texas. Do you like the matching 
Support Team outfits?!?

Joe, our oldest, lives in Chicago, and is also pitching
in on "Team Gram" through treatments and recovery

A week after her last treatment, a scan and bloodwork
revealed that Barbara was CANCER FREE!!!
It was time to PRAISE GOD and have a nice 
meal at Panera Bread!

Alace shares...
My mom has persevered courageously through 4 chemotherapy
sessions and 9 supplementary infusions and so many doctor 
appointments, as well as taking anti-nausea meds around the clock
to combat the severe nausea that worsened with each treatment!
She prevailed through so much misery and finished well! Her CT
scans show her to be CANCER FREE!!! 

Thank you all for your prayers and wishes! She is still regaining
her strength after such an intensive course of treatment. Hopefully
soon she will regain pre-surgery/treatment strength and once again
be able to engage with normal life rhythms!

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