Wednesday, May 17, 2023


 OCTOBER 16 to 27... Y'ALL COME!

The local Mayor (in black shirt) and his lovely wife
visited our aging, rotting, hangar this week! They 
approved the NEW HANGAR PROJECT!

THE WORK: construction of a larger aircraft hangar to replace the old, rotting structure we currently use. The new one will be done without use of wood in the structure (metal structure; cement block) and will serve the national Alliance church in Gabon for many years to come. 

THE VISION: The space will be large enough to provide for the vision the Lord has given the church (and Bongolo Hospital)- to have space for operations as well as training the next pilots and mechanics to join the team.

THE NEEDS: We need prayer support and financial support as well as participants in a short term mission team to assist in the final assembly phase.

PRAYER: We believe prayer to be the first work of this effort. We’re asking the Lord to align our hearts with HIS and that this effort is joining in what HE IS ALREADY doing to express His Love and expand His Kingdom.

FINANCES: Praise the Lord, we have already received several gifts and have pledges for a significant amount the materials needed! To help for giving info.

PARTICIPANT COSTS: We estimate a round trip airline cost at about $1400, in-country transport costs at about $450, lodging and meals (for 10 days) at about $600 and the visa... We just found out US Citizens are FREE! YAY! We are asking each participant to be responsible for covering the costs of their visit. We also humbly ask you to please consider asking your sending faith community to make a gift to also help with this projects costs. (Note: the only travel shot you will need is for Yellow Fever- a common shot for traveling to tropical zones of the world.)

We are a small project and depend on this type of partnership to accomplish the work. Thank you for considering this. I am available to do video conferencing to your Sunday School classes or worship services or other to assist you to promote this. Likewise, I plan to do a short video announcement that high-lights the project and need that you can share with others. (note: assisting with the project funds, over and above your travel costs, is not a pre-requisite for your participation).


23 May to 06 June- Advance team of our two point people, Paul Davis and Keith Moser. They will meet with local engineers to finalize the design and lay out the material needs including the machines and tools.

SUMMER- Local believers will use the design to lay out the foundational elements of the new hangar and assemble all the materials.

16 OCT to 27 OCT- SHORT TERM MISSION TRIP for the final phase of construction. We’ll need those that are willing to do things from swing a hammer to assist in meal preparation for the team of visitors from the US (some of you!) as well as our local believers. (Note: this date is a bit later in the year due juggling some dynamics like a presidential election in the country followed by some mission team conference dates). 

A short video highlighting what the hangar looks like after a rain, due to its age...


Please let me know what role you are interested in… prayer support, financial support, project advocate (sharing with your local group/church about the need and giving project updates), and/or SHORT TERM MISSION TRIP PARTICIPANT (even if it’s just a “maybe”). Email me at

For those that feel they may be able to participate in the October mission trip, more details will follow about how to apply for the visa and more. We have a visitor coordinator that will take care of all those details for you.

Please consider partnering with us in this important work to SHOW and TELL about God's Love. If you would like to specifically assist with one of the above needs, please let me know with an email to "Gabon.Pilot@gmail" and follow the giving instructions below. Merci Beaucoup!




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