Monday, October 31, 2022

UPDATE: Cessna 207 on Hold in Kenya

 When we last updated, in February ("Aircraft Engine Work")...

Our good friend from Cameroon, Emmanual, was on the job, installing the new exhaust and performing other critical elements to get N207BH ready for operation.

 BACKGROUND: You may recall that our next aircraft to join our fleet came from Zambia to the AIM AIR hangar in Nairobi, Kenya (July '21), where the team there (a few pictured here) generously agreed to host the aircraft's work to be visited by an FAA designated representative to re-register this aircraft under the US registry of aircraft.  The US registry is important so that our Gabon pilots and mechanics (at the moment, Rob P. and I) can exercise our FAA certificates as we operate.

GOOD NEWS!!!  ... the mechanical aspects of the aircraft are all done and it's running great thanks to the team at AIM AIR and our visiting tech's, like our good friend Dan S. from JAARS.

BAD NEWS!!!  ... the FAA inspector had some issues with the paperwork and questions about proper documentation about work completed on the aircraft more than a decade ago!  So... 

STEP 1: Digitize our Logbooks to better access and share. In the photo, our dear AIM AIR friend, Mel, diligently turns pages of logbooks and photos and then uploads them to our shared google drive.  An estimated 200 photos or more!!!

STEP 2: Contact the repair station that did the work in question (year 2010)... then we found out it's closed!... then found a former worker who knows where their archives are kept... then he get's back from vacation, finds (!) and sends the records; our team reviews them and new paperwork and information is prepped for the FAA inspector.

STEP 3:  Shared information with FAA inspector; got initial feedback; made a second draft of paperwork / information and resubmit.

This brings us to today...

STEP 4: Waiting for FAA feedback and, if approved, FINALLY make the official application for his visit to Kenya (he lives in Germany).


In the meantime...

We're flying a lot!!!
We're so thankful for the loaner aircraft from our SIL Aviation 
friends in Cameroon (a Cessna 206)
(standby for a posting regarding our stats)

... and we're SO VERY THANKFUL for all of you who encourage us
and who stand strong with us through prayer and resources.
God Bless You!

Please consider partnering with us in this important work to SHOW and TELL about God's Love.





  1. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! We will be praying that the FAA inspector's visit from Germany will be scheduled soon and that all will go well. Praise God that all the previous documents were found--what a story!
    David Thompson

  2. Hi, Steve and Alace! I just finished the Global Focus for our church's Wednesday night prayer meeting. You are the focus! Congratulations on all those firsts! Praying for favor from the FAA!
    ~Su Roller, Lancaster