Wednesday, April 21, 2021



Introducing... November-two-zero-seven-Bravo-Hotel!!!

If you're thinking, "looks a lot like that last aircraft", that's because "Bravo-Hotel" is also a 1982 Cessna 207.

Bravo-Hotel has spent almost all it's life flying in Africa in support of mission work. Aviation resources in the country were such that the mission no longer needed the aircraft and made us a VERY sweet deal on the purchase.  

8 Seats and relatively new interior.  The wings are about a foot and a half longer due to the additional tip-fuel tanks.  It's going to be a tight fit in the Bongolo hangar!

To provide an owner for our aircraft, a couple years back, we created the non-profit, "Things Above Project" (TAP).  It is incredible that the TAP board felt led to actually purchase this aircraft, sensing the need, prior to finding out that we would have to retire Foxtrot-Delta!

It has an intercom system for the passengers- an upgrade!

We'll be moving over some avionics and other items from our last aircraft.

As with all Cessna 207's, we've got the large double side doors. A mini-van with wings! We can have all 8 seats or take out seats and have space for two stretchers, side by side.

Here are some of the items we're taking off from "Foxtrot Delta" and putting on "Bravo Hotel"- avionics, an oil cooler modification, a replacement HF radio, and more.  A big thanks to the team of JAARS trained pilot/mechanics in Yaounde, Cameroon for assisting.  These will be sent to Nairobi, Kenya, where other colleagues are standing by for their arrival and the aircraft to begin the work.  Please pray for the many, many details to come together.

Again, we can't do this without a FULL CREW of supporters!
Please consider praying and investing.

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