Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Less Restrictive Restrictions!

So, in this period of Pandemic restrictions, which started, here in Gabon, the second half of March, we've seen a dramatic fall off in aviation activity.  Instead of 1-2 flights a week, we were happy to have 1 flight a month.  This, mainly due to the closed borders and restrictions on moving passengers on aircraft domestically as well.  UNTIL!

As of today, the government lessened the restriction and the US embassy in Libreville sent the following email to us expats here:

"The following changes will take effect on July 1 at 05:00:
·        Commercial air travel may resume.  Two international flights per airline per week will be permitted.  
·        Although Gabon’s land and sea borders will remain closed to travelers, travel by air, boat, and train within Gabon may resume.
·        Regular working hours will resume in the public and private sectors.  
·        Hotels may reopen.
·        Restaurants with outdoor dining terraces may reopen.
·        A curfew will remain in effect, but with reduced hours (20:00 to 05:00).  
·        Classes for students who plan to take the baccalaureate exam in August will resume on July 20.  Post-secondary classes may resume on July 13.
Masks are still required in public and social distancing and hygiene requirements will continue.  The government cautioned that restrictions may be reinstated in certain locations or throughout the country if new outbreaks occur."

What does this mean to us?  We can have visitors again!  Also, I'm able to have passengers.  

Thanks for your support to our projects here!  We're looking forward to more and more activity in the coming weeks and months.

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