Friday, January 10, 2020

Show and Tell

The Bongolo team does road trips!  Many times, our international and national teammates head out to villages in the region to find those that can't travel to the hospital. 

The "SHOW AND TELL" process:
Showing the Love of Christ through medical care...
Telling of the motivation for their work- Jesus...
who loves them and wants to heal them
Spiritually, not just Physically.

From our colleague, Eric:  "We had the privilege to go to a couple of nearby villages to do an eye care outreach.  While there, they found several people who needed cataract surgery but could not afford it."  

"Thanks to the generosity of one of our donors, we were able to offer them surgeries for free, and this past week, Wendy and Dr. Elisee got to operate on them."  

"They sure were happy!"

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