Saturday, November 2, 2019

Arrived in Libreville!!!

A few pictures for now on the flight from Cameroon to Gabon... more of the story later.

Pre-flight Prayer with the SIL Cameroon crew

Loading Up!

A parting shot with my Instructor Pilot Extraordinaire- Brandon P.

My Favoritist Co-Pilot Ever!
A quick flight to the Int'l airport for formalities
leaving Cameroon.

We waited on the ramp, in the airplane, for about 3 hours,
until we got the text from Gabon that we had received
our permit to enter the country.  We had 15 minutes left
before we hit our "curfew" for takeoff.  Thank you Lord!

Here's the route on my iPad... a pretty straight-forward,
2 hour flight, but then... 

The weather started getting a bit rough... we had about 15 minutes of some "ups and downs", but nothing too challenging.  As you can see, "FOOL" (the identification for Libreville) was nice and clear!

Overnight, we had an "OK" secure parking location, but yesterday (Friday), we returned to secure the aircraft a bit better with 50 liter barrels of water under each wing and tail.  It was really cool to make new friends at the airport, collect several critical contacts, and tell them about how the worldwide family of God brought us and the airplane there to join the work of blessing people in Jesus' name.  Thanks for being part of this team!

Our lonely airplane!  Pray for civil aviation to do the inspection efficiently next week, so we're free to fly around the country.  Next step... get to Bongolo Hospital and reopen the airfield!

Beautiful Libreville!  Come and visit us sometime!

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