Monday, October 9, 2017

More Airplanes Needed!

As many of you know, we are working hard with our organization, Missionary Air Group, to develop the first-of-its-kind Apprenticeship Pilot program for aspiring missionary aviators.  This is in concert with our partner, MMS Aviation (Coshocton, OH). 

Why is this work so important?  Some major road-blocks for those desiring to prepare and deploy as international mission pilots and mechanics, is that training and paying of the debt of training takes so long.  The apprentice model that we are creating will assists to shorten the overall time as well as leave no debt at the end of training.  The training also happens all during the context of working on mission aviation aircraft and under the roof of a mission sending agency, plus at least 30 hours of flight time on the field on their way to over 400 hours of flight training. 

Thank you for supporting us as we seek 
more efficiency for Kingdom work!  

We have an advisory team from larger mission aviation organizations to make sure that what we are creating leads to the outcomes that are actually valuable and desirable.  These same agencies are also looking into similar ideas under their roofs as well.

Alace gets to know the aircraft owner, Darrell, as he
opens the cowling for a closer look.
Training new pilots means giving them the right type of instruction in the right types of aircraft.  We need additional aircraft to expand the training experiences.  In the coming year, we are looking for the following:  a Cessna 182 with retractable gear ($85-$95K), a Cessna 206 G model outfitted as a field aircraft ($250-$300K), and a Super Decathlon tail dragger ($80-$90K).  Please pray for the provision of these aircraft.

In August, I traveled to Texas to inspect a Cessna 182 RG (retractable gear) whose owner is considering a lease agreement with MAG with the idea that it may lead to a sale, down the road.

In December we'll be doing some familiarization flights with the Cessna 182 RG and starting to train our first apprentice in January or February.  Thanks for being along for this journey!

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