Monday, January 16, 2017

Help Bongolo Hospital Electrical Grid Upgrade

Project info:
Ok- the situation isn't this bad at Bongolo, but you get the picture!

Total cost of the project:

Describe the project briefly:
This project will upgrade the existing three phase electrical supply and associated equipment in order to bring adequate and consistent electricity to the Bongolo Hospital. This upgrade will not only provide needed increase of electrical power to existing hospital structures but will also supply electricity to the mission station and to the new Eye Center currently under construction.

Tell why this project is needed and what will happen as a result of the successful implementation of this project?
The current electrical supply lines and accompanying equipment are not adequate for the electrical demands of the hospital. The three phase supply lines can become overheated and catch fire under current situations. The addition of the new Eye Center will put additional electrical demands on the supply which the current installation will not be able to handle.

What will be the consequences if this project is NOT completed/implemented?
The hospital will continue to have electrical outages due to inadequate wiring, money will have to be invested in replacing wires and electrical equipment that burns up, and the new Eye Center building will not be able to be used.  Also, the hospital will not have the electrical capacity to expand in any other way.

What specific group(s) of people will benefit from this project, and approximately how many people will be impacted by your ministry each year?
All staff and patients at the hospital will be helped by this project. Work and care will be positively impacted as adequate and consistent electricity is supplied to the hospital campus. There are currently 125 staff members and yearly about 40,000 patients are treated at the hospital.

Instructions for giving:
If you would like to give with a debit/credit card, you can give funds online using the following instructions:
Go to, put in the amount you want to give under "Give to International Workers and Special Projects", and then in the box below that, enter "Bongolo Electrical System Upgrade".  Then click on the Give Now button (if needed) and complete the payment info on the page.

If giving by check, please make the check out to "The Alliance", and indicate that this is for account 43-40-09087 – Bongolo Electrical System. Please send it to:
The Alliance c/o Finance Dept.,
8595 Explorer Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80920

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