Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Keep 'Em Flying

In the 1940's a cultural icon, "Rosie the Riveter", was born.  It symbolized the US female workforce that kept the war machine of WWII moving forward.

It was a rallying cry for everyone to take a serious look at what their contribution to an important, critical task could be.

We have TWO ITEMS that we'd like you to consider:

FIRST:  We have a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to buy LOW COST FUEL!  Out of the blue, a French company contacted us.  They'll be doing aerial mapping in Gabon will soon have a surplus of 35 to 40 drums of Aviation Fuel (100 low-lead) when they're done with their project in a couple of weeks.

We've passed the first hurdle- the fuel drums have cleared customs! Thank you for praying about this!

Now, the second hurdle- the cost.  It's a steal of a deal at $7 a gallons- we've paid up to $23 a gallon in the past, so we DO NOT want to miss this opportunity.

We will need a total of $14,760 to wire to the French company in a couple of weeks.  Normally, we would have a portion of these funds, but we just paid an unusually large shipping fee for our last load of fuel, and have not had time to replenish those funds.

Would you please consider your role in this need over and above your commitment to your local faith community?

SECOND:  This year, our program has zeroed in on one specific project to fund, called "Adopt-A-Prop".  

BY MID-AUGUST, we'd really like to have a new prop to put on our airplane when we pull off the old one for reconditioning in the fall.  Otherwise, the aircraft will have to be parked, and out of service until the old one comes back, 3 months later (best case scenario), and put back on. 

With a new prop, we'll be able to keep the aircraft operating and making an impact with no interruptions.  Plus, when the reconditioned prop returns, we'll have one on hand for the next scheduled switch.

Could you also give some thought to this need?  We've split it up into 4 sponsorships to cover the $12,000 cost- one sponsorship per each of the 3 blades ($2900/ea.) and one for the prop hub ($3300).  One blade is already sponsored!

Aviation is not cheap, and we do what we can to be economical without compromising safety and effectiveness.  Thank you for believing that the investment pays in eternal dividends. Many of you have joined us in the understanding that there are unlimited, creative ways to demonstrate the Love of God to a broken world.  Together WE CAN DO IT!

FOR CONTRIBUTIONS:  Please visit www.cmalliance.org/give and enter "Gabon Airplane" in the prompt for "give to international workers and Special Projects".  Then, email "gabon.pilot@gmail.com" to let me know which fund you'd like to give towards.  

Thank you so very much!

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