Friday, March 6, 2015

Snowstorm Thor... my apologies (maybe)

So, a year ago, Alace and I were in Cameroon checking out all the Facebook photos from our friends in the "Snow-pocolypse" or "Snow-mageddon" back in the US.  It was then that we prayed for a similar experience for the coming year when we would be in the US for our home assignment.  It's been 7 years without a winter for our family!!!

 Well... I think our prayers have been answered!  Here are some photos from the day around our house, next to a church...

So, for you kids enjoying the "snow day", you're welcome.  For all of you hating the snow and inconvenienced... soo sorry!!!


  1. We're having a blast out our way! Wish you would have brought this two months ago. :)

  2.'ve had your fun in the snow so you can stop praying now! I'm sure any friends in Boston are saying that! Actually here in Toccoa we've only had one snow dump (of a mere 3 inches which might have well been a foot for the trouble it caused!)