Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The New Normal

Hunting with Sam

Over the past 7 years, our family has used the term "the new normal" many times.  It helps us reset our mindset, adjust expectations, and stay engaged through all the transitions.  Changes are difficult for anyone and, for us, they most always come with saying "goodbye's" to loved ones and rearranged routines that we had worked so hard to adjust to.  It's not easy, to say the least. 

In the US, this home assignment, we are settling in to a new normal, yet again.  As much as we can, our family tries to enjoy things that your average American family might find themselves doing.  Today, it was a good, old fashioned, day of hunting. (Regrets to our other children, Joe & Meg... back at college)

Following a fun weekend with Steve's side of the family, Steve and Sam joined the hunting posse on Monday.

The hunting posse (L to R):  My bro, Dan, Sam, Jarrod (Dan's son), me, and Mark (Dan's son-in-law).

We got to our hunting spots in the dark (6am-ish)- we had hiked there on Saturday and marked them with a GPS.  As Sam and I got seated and began waiting for daylight to break, Sam said, "Dad... this is pretty cool".

We saw 4 doe, a dozen chipmunks, and a couple woodpeckers.  So, no buck for us on opening day.  Sam did get a nice siesta while I kept watch.

A closer look... a hunter at complete peace with his surroundings.

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