Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Prayers for Our Children

Joe & Grandma
Please pray for our children... they are a bit American, a bit African... our own "global nomads" to some extent.  They are a blessing to us and we pray for wisdom as their parents.  Here are some insights from Alace:

Joe - He has begun his second year at Moody Bible Institute (Chicago) and things are going well.  Pray he balances studies with student leadership and social activities well. 

Megs chillin' by the Hudson River
Megan - She is in her first year of college at Nyack College (NY) and it has started off well.  Pray for focus in studies.  She is adjusting to college life and living in the states for the first time since she was 11.  Pray she has wisdom beyond her years as she makes friends and adjusts back to being in the US full time.

Sam's got his driver's permit- PRAY!
Sam - Sam is attending a large public high school (York, PA) and is in the 11th grade.  He is transitioning well however it is a huge change to go from a small international school with around 85 students to a US high school with 1800 students.  Pray for him as he makes new friends and learns how to live in the US.  Praise God he has recently joined our home church's youth leadership team.  

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