Monday, August 25, 2014

Recent Stories- Bongolo Eye Clinic

Here are some recent stories from the Bongolo Hospital Eye Clinic as shared by Dr. Wendy Hofman:

The "Other Eye" Guy
The "Other Eye" guy

The man in the attached photo had cataract surgery a couple of weeks ago.  Previously, he could only tell the difference between light and dark in both eyes, and now he says, “I see really well!”  He said that he had really missed seeing his children’s faces before.  The only problem he has now, he says, is when can we operate on his other eye?

Jumping for Joy!

Here is a patient that we operated on a few weeks ago.  She was so happy two days after surgery when Wendy saw her that she was grinning ear to ear and literally jumping up and down!  She spoke a tribal language and not French, so Wendy wasn’t able to understand what she said, but there was a crowd of people around her, just translating that she was very happy.

Please pray for Dr. Hofman, Dr. Elise, and the rest of the staff at the Bongolo Eye clinic.  They will be starting to train a new resident soon as well as undertaking a major expansion project of their facility.  The Bongolo Eye clinic performs more eye procedures than all of the other eye care facilities in Gabon COMBINED!  Each patient hears the Good News about God's great love for them and His desire to be their personal Savior.

Much of the sensitive equipment for the eye clinic has been transported by our aircraft.  In fact, eye clinic cargo was on one of the very first flights we had back in January 2010!

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