Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Break Gabon Visit!

It was Spring Break for our program in Cameroon last week, so we hopped back down to Gabon for a great visit.  It doesn't look like any of our family will be back there for a year or more, so we were eager to take the opportunity.

Saturday- We had a great reception stepping off the airplane!
Here are some of our dear friends from Libreville,
who include Pastor JeanMarc and Jeanine Ynguemba,
to name a few.

Sunday- On our second day, Megan and Sam were baptized along with 2 others from a partner church.  It was perfect weather!

Our entire family has invested in relationships here, in Gabon.
Megan and Sam's decision to share this step in their faith journey with our Gabonese faith community was very appropriate and meaningful.  It was a great day.

After the baptism on the beach (Atlantic ocean), we cleaned up and joined the church for worship- these are never tame services!

Just in case you got the impression that the celebration ended that morning, this photo gives proof to more of the day-long party.  It reconvened at "Chez YNGUEMBA" (Jean Marc and Jeanine's home) for some great Gabonese cuisine (yes- baton de manioc!) and great surprises.

Monday- We made it down to Bongolo Hospital to spend time with our team there.  It is great to be connected to a team that serves the rural poor of Central Africa as the hands and feet of Jesus.  An amazing bunch!

Tuesday- I haven't had a chance to take advantage of my Gabon Team health program 'til now.  I had a total of 3 cysts removed from my head by the doctors Fabruce (yellow beanie) and Zach (blue beanie).  The procedure was over and done in about 30 minutes.

Wednesday- A HISTORICAL MOMENT!  Never before, in my knowledge, has there been 3 pilot/mechanics working at the same time at the Bongolo airstrip hangar!  Standing to my right is our chief pilot, Rob, and beside him, Colin and Kelly Reed.  The Reeds made a week long visit to Gabon to pray about their role in the aviation program.

Friday- Here we are at one of our favorite "chillax" places in Libreville- Sunset Beach. We were really missing our oldest- Joe. It was the perfect ending to our quick, 6 day trip to Gabon.  Just like our last 6 years, it went quick and a lot happened.  We're so honored to serve in the roles we do.  There are many "ups and downs" (pardon the pilot pun), but we've grown a lot.

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