Friday, April 18, 2014

Seder Meal

Thursday evening was a very special time with our "family" at our hostel home called "UBAC".  We celebrated the Seder or, Passover, meal.  We started participating in Seder meals, some years ago with the student ministry in York, PA where the church LIFE groups still host them.  We were so thankful for the resources (documents/readings) that they provided to facilitate the event.

The Seder plate- we took some liberties with a couple of the elements, since our resources were limited in our African context.

Our family, seated oldest to youngest from my right, counterclockwise.

We added some local "spice" to the Seder- Cameroonian piment was added to some horseradish sauce to help bring tears to our eyes (a key Seder event!) and we sang one of the songs in the official national language of Cameroon- French.
We HIGHLY recommend that you host a Seder meal.  It is very meaningful and very fun.  Our Seder meal was very true to most of the Jewish traditions, incorporating elements of the reality of Christ.

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  1. Looks like a special meal! What great memories you are making!