Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bongolo Fire - Last Update

Last Update?!?

Who's to say that there won't be more to the story in the future (I'm sure there will be!), but for now, here are the amazing details as explained by Bongolo teammate, Eric Hofman in regards to the explosion of the hospital's transformer on Friday, January 17th:

"We wanted to share some great news with you.  About a month ago, we sent you the email shown below, telling about Bongolo Hospital’s urgent need for a new transformer.  Well, in the past month, God has provided in some amazing ways, answering all of our prayer requests.  A transformer was found, delivered, and installed , the back-up generator ran great in the interim, and God has moved in the hearts of many people to cover all of the costs!  We are all in awe of the works God has performed – He is truly capable of doing the impossible!  Thank you for the part you have played in this miracle from God."

Gabon Team Leader and Bongolo Medical Director, Dr. Keir Thelander adds: 

"At this point we are sure of about $95,000 that was given.
Additionally, I have heard

... from some churches, a few individuals, and donations from Canada, that haven’t been given yet, but I am certain of at least $70,000 from those sources and probably closer to $80,000 if not over.  So the total given is likely to cover all 87 million ($175,000).  Of course exchange rate might influence those numbers and one of my numbers is a complete guess of a minimum, but a conservative guess, which means it is likely that the final total will cover the fuel costs ($7,200) as well.

Don’t forget that another individual (anonymously given) also gave $8,000 for a new transfer switch.

So, just over 5 weeks ago Bongolo Hospital had no transformer, was running the generator 24/7 ($600/day), and looking at a 87 million CFA ($175,000) installation. 

Today, we have a transformer, soon to have a new auto transfer switch, and have seen God move the hearts of men to give what will likely be the total of all of those needs: transfer switch, transformer, and fuel for the generator.  Praise his mighty name.  He certainly is Jehovah-jireh.

With Thanksgiving and Awe, Keir"

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