Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bongolo Fire Update- 22 January

Carolyn T., a colleague serving at Bongolo Hospital, passed along a couple of photos…

As unbelievable as it may seem, a new generator rolled into the Bongolo Hospital campus under 96 hours after the last one exploded and burnt up!!!  This is unheard of in this remote part of Africa!  We are so thankful for its' provision.  I still haven't heard the details, only that the price tag is about $176,000 US dollars.  They are working on hooking it up as soon as possible.

Here is the trusty diesel generator that has been steadily working for the past 4 days, non-stop!  It had some glitches in the weeks leading up to our crisis, but at just the right time, it was ready to work.  Again, we are so thankful for Paul (head of maintenance) and his commitment to honor God in his service to Bongolo- he keeps the place running and will be the first to humbly redirect your thanks to the Lord.

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