Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bongolo Fire Update- 18 Jan

International worker and director of maintenance at Bongolo, Paul, gives this update:

"Hey team-  Here is an update on the current events for the transformer.  I got back to Bongolo about 4 hours ago and looked at the transformer first hand.  It is a total loss.

How did this occur?  

Well it seems the electric company was having issues since about 3pm yesterday and the power went out.  About 7pm we were still using the generator to power the hospital.  It was at that time that the power company turned the electricity back on at a increased capacity and that increase blew up the transformer.  There was a person walking by at the time and heard the explosion.

The good thing about this is, it could have been much worse.  If we were not using the generator at that time we would have been hooked up directly to the power company and then the damage would have been through out the entire complex.  As it was, it was contained to the transformer.

What is going to take place now?  

The small building that the transformer was in is badly corrupted and needs to… 
...come down.  We are going to start demolishing it on Monday.  The transformer and switch is a total lost.  The wires from the over head lines to the transformer are going to have to be replaced.  The wires from the transformer to the main circuit breaker are going to have to be replaced.  Along with this, we are going to see if there is a better way to lay out the generator and transfer switch and main circuit breaker.  We have our work cut out for us.

Our administrator, Pastor Serge, is traveling to meet a person about getting a replacement Transformer tomorrow.  Right now we are thinking that it will not be able to be install for about 2 weeks.  I should have a better time line in a few days.  In the mean time, we are going to have to run the generator to keep the hospital up and running.  The cost of this is about a thousand dollars a day.  We can not afford to do this for very long with out your help.  

What is the cost?

As I said before the new transformer is going to cost in the neighborhood of 150,000 dollars.  One might think that the power company should be liable for this but, not so here.  Maybe if we waited 2 years or more, but we can not afford that either.  This is money that we do not have and we need your help in raising the funds. If we all gave a little we could easily raise the money, please be in prayer about this entire situation.

The Generator

If  you have been following my news letters at all, you know that we have had issues recently with the generator.  Right now it is running and it is sounding nice.  Oddly enough, when I was shopping for parts in Libreville yesterday, I was looking for a part for the generator.  I actually found the correct part and will probably install that on Monday.  Right now I have a "work around" to make it work. 

The transfer switch was effected by a lighting strike a few days ago and is not working in automatic.  It is old and we can not get parts for it.  We need to get a new one.  I got an estimate on it also yesterday and it runs about 8 thousand dollars.

Well. there you have it!  now we need to pull together and see God work.  There needs to be a lot happening in a short amount of time.  The longer it take the more it costs.

Please pray and Give.     - Paul


Bongolo needs help with this crisis.  Initial estimates are over $100,000 (USD).  Would you please consider helping respond?  If you can assist with a financial donation, please click the "DONATE" logo on the right column of this page (or here) to take you to the Christian & Missionary Alliance website.  Enter "Bongolo" into the search in the section marked "Give to International Worker or Special Projects" and select the first option that pops up ("Hospital Projects/Bongolo").  You will be receipted for your giving.

If you wish to give via US Postal service:

Make a check payable to C&MA write “Bongolo Hospital Special Projects" in the memo line.  Send to:
P.O. Box 35000
Colorado Springs, CO 80935-3500

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