Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Daughter- Ag Queen of Central Africa

Just got accepted to Nyack College!!!
This past Saturday morning, I had a lovely breakfast in the kitchen with my daughter, Megan.  She's the middle child- our only girl… my princess!  

So, directly after sharing "petit dejeuner" with my princess, she was off to assist the slaughter of almost 100 chickens that her "Ag-Science" class had been raising for the past couple of months! She was mainly involved with gutting the chickens.  Now, I've dubbed her the "Ag Queen" of Central Africa.  What happened to my sweet, innocent princess?!?

Here are some less-gruesome photos of her involvement with planting some crops.  Enjoy!

The whole class… chicken-killers all… don't let their sweet smiles fool you!
More photos…

Get prepped to plant tomatoes!

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