Friday, November 8, 2013

PROJECT: Aircraft Exhaust Modification

Here is a description of a modification to our aircraft that would increase engine performance and decrease the time spent on repairing or replacing parts.  We are seeking interested people to sponsor this upgrade.  Please contact me at if interested.

This information was taken from the website of Leading Edge Exhaust Systems:

Best Pipes and Warranty in the Business!
How many times have you asked yourself, Why can´t they build exhaust systems that last as long as engine TBO? The long awaited answer you have been searching for is finally here…Leading Edge Exhaust Systems, LLC, (LEES) located in Anchorage Alaska has solved the inherent problems that have plagued the stock OEM exhaust collectors since their inception. 
(Warning!!!  More geeky aircraft technical stuff ahead! )

Approximately 17 years ago, Dane Wagner, Sr., or D1 as he is known in the shop, designed and built a new exhaust collector that was unique enough to receive a United States Patent. The new design eliminated the standard stamped out half designs that have inherent internal turbulence that reduces product life as well as increases the back pressure thus reducing available power.
What led to this design was Wagner´s involvement with his FAA approved welding and non-destructive testing facility that he started in the 80´s. That was over 20 years ago and now LEES has one of the most modern fabrication shops in Alaska. The original shop repaired many hundreds of Cessna 206/207 exhaust collectors that are so prevalent in Alaska. The popular Cessna 206/207 series aircraft are used for Air Taxi, Flight Seeing, US Mail, valuable freight hauling to isolated villages and also includes very remote big game hunting and trophy class fishing. These are some of the high priority necessities required to build a successful flying business in Alaska. All of these very important business income sources come with some very big profit consuming expenses like; extremely costly downtime delays; having to get exhaust system removed and subsequently repaired by an approved facility in a timely and cost effective manner and that´s not always possible.
Having done literally many thousands of repairs was the impetus that brought this new unique design to D1´s attention and that is when the “Best Pipes and Warranty in the Business” trademark was born!! The trademark is a good explanation why 75% of the Air Taxi operators in Alaska use LEES´ pipes. D1 eliminated the internal back pressure turbulence by mandrel bending precision, 40% thicker, equal length, 321 stainless steel primary tubes that all exit in the same direction. The spent exhaust gases merge in the patented 3-1 collector and then funnel through the integral venturi that speeds things up. From there, they exit through the ball joint into the muffler and finally leave the scene by way of the tail pipe. This radically new design reduced back pressure by approximately 50% which lets the engine operate more efficiently like it was originally designed to do. By reducing and balancing the back pressure the engine produces better power with greater fuel efficiency. You can expect approximately 10 more horsepower utilizing LEES´ pipes. LEES has a Canadian distributor that claims they have a customer that had his own dyno test performed and pulled nearly 15 more Hp.
Having more power is great, but more important than that is having an exhaust system that has a higher TBO than the engine. Would you believe LEES pipes have held up through 3 engine TBO´s?  It is not uncommon after having accumulated more than 5000 hours of operations to have the original LEES´ collectors rebuilt to like new condition for a fraction of the cost of a new set. Another very important and unique attribute is the 20 year or 2000 hour transferable warranty.  The warranty is not only one of a kind but also has proved to be a valuable sales asset. If the aircraft is sold the remaining warranty can be transferred to a new owner. These are a few of the reasons influencing LEES´ opinion they do have the “Best Pipes and Warranty in the Business”. tm
LEES exhaust collectors are direct replacement parts for Cessna 205,206,207 and 210 series aircraft. The Approved Model List can be researched on LEES´s website on the Cessna 205-210 Series Exhaust Collectors´ product page. The current single set price is $2750.00 with no core charge. Ask about LEES´ multi-set or fleet discount.
Quality isn’t expensive…it’s priceless! (TM)

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