Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Firstborn off to College!
"It's a Moody Thing"

At the beginning of 2013, while Joe was entering his last half year of high school, he got the great news that he had been accepted at his first choice for post-secondary eduction- Moody Bible Institute- Chicago campus. 

We were so thankful for the generosity of family & friends who helped Joe start his college career with a new Apple Macbook as well as some pocket money to get him off to a great start at Moody.  Our Gabonese friends surprised us by giving $400 to Joe!  Thank you to all who gave!

View from his dorm room. Willis Tower (Sears) in distance.

Joe has settled into his dorm on the 4th floor, with his desk in front of a window with a great view of the Willis Tower (formerly the “Sears” tower).  He had a great orientation for new international & “missionary kids” prior to the normal new student orientation, so he is making many friends.  He’s got a metro pass for public transport and is starting to figure out how to get around.

International & Mission Kid Orientation at Moody.
Pray for provision of Joe's financial needs in regards to room, board, & books.  An email communication two months ago seemed to indicate that he had received a very large grant for those costs- we were thrilled!  However, the school recently clarified that this was not so- it was simply details that explained where his tuition scholarship came from.  So, we need your prayers as we quickly seek an educational loan or other means to cover the $4000 need this semester and, again for next semester.

Janitor job! Not glamorous, but pays well!
We were blown away to find out that  our missionary team from Gabon has pledged $1000 to help Joe's college expenses!  They already live on such limited budgets and this is so very generous!

Joe has quickly found a good paying part time job at the school, working 15 hours a week.  This will also help him to cover costs as well.  He enjoys the work and co-workers!  He has also started volunteering at a city church with their Jr. Higher’s.  Student ministry is his area of study, so this is wonderful for him.  God is good!

Want to connect with Joe or, perhaps, send him a care package (hint hint!)?  Here's his new contact info:

1. Snail mail:  Joseph Straw, Moody Bible Institute, 820 N. La Salle Blvd., CPO #2050, Chicago, IL 60610
3. Skype: Joe Straw

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