Monday, September 16, 2013

Making An Impact

Flights in Gabon continue to make an impact!

Our pilot's wife, Bintou, speaks to the hard work that Rob has been doing in Gabon:

Rob is working hard in the aviation program. Before marrying Rob, I did not have much understanding of what is involved in maintaining an aviation program. But now I am learning it is a difficult project, especially when you are the only pilot! God is sustaining him and he has made a lot of encouraging progress. 

The hospital here at Bongolo has visitors coming from the USA to help for short times. It is amazing that with the use of the airplane, Rob can transport people from the capital city of Libreville and they can start working right after they arrive! I remember when we arrived the first time, after a long road trip, I was hardly functional for two days. I tried to push through and fell sick for two weeks!  Rob also lends a hand in trying to keep the hospital’s internet connection system working. The hospital does not have a computer and network engineer, so when the internet system is down, all brains are welcome to help. Actually the “all-brains” is short the Medical Director who is an American general surgeon, and Rob.

Thank you for the continued encouragement, prayers, and support as we endeavor to Expedite Health and Hope in central Africa!

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