Sunday, June 16, 2013


Nearing the end of the long voyage from OHIO to the middle of nowhere, central Africa!

Across the last bridge on the "back road" into Bongolo Hospital, Lebamba, Gabon.

Onto the hospital campus and around back to the depot building.

One container was medications and the other a mix of items that included our 15 drums of 100 low-lead aviation fuel.

They're actually there!  The team in the US (MMS Aviation; ARK Transport) did such a great job on their end- it showed!

Barry (in truck) and Paul worked hard to get the first things out of the way and then the wrestling match with each barrel began.  Not easy without a fork lift!

Voila!  One by one they come off.

They'll be stored temporarily at the hospital depot and then make their way out to the airport hangar.

What a HUGE occasion for our program!  We were chained to $23/gallon AvGas, but now we've seen that another source is very possible! 

A BIG "Merci Beaucoup" to all those that have made this possible, especially those in the Indianapolis, IN area- you know who you are!

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