Sunday, March 24, 2013

YOU Are the Wind Beneath My Wings

Do you enjoy cheesy love songs?  I have to be honest... me- not so much.  The "Wind Beneath My Wings" song has a special place in my heart because, at a wedding, the most off-key version of this song was sung to the groom... BY HIS MOTHER!!! If I had the right equipment at that moment, I would have loved to get a recording sent off to Bette! 

Okay, okay... I digress.

Seriously, I need to let you know how incredibly blessed my family and I are to be YOUR ambassadors in serving cross-culturally to demonstrate God's love to people on the other side of the world from many of you.  We depend upon the generosity of people like YOU for our "paycheck."  We've been able to do what we do since August of 2007 like this.

So, I have to say it... You Are the Wind Beneath Our Wings!!!

At this time, however, we're starting to fly at lower altitudes- the wind beneath our wings is not as strong as it used to be!  So, we're looking for some additional financial support.  Would you be willing to consider joining our funding team?

SPECIFICALLY, we have some open spots on our "sustaining donor" team- those people that make a longer term commitment to invest in our support.  This is the CORE of our support.

Will you please consider being a core supporter?  We encourage our sustaining donors to sponsor one or more "Bongolo Bonds"- a $50 per month (or $600/yr.) level of giving.  We have 15 such "bonds" that need a sponsor at this time.

How can you make your donation?  There are many options!

1. AIR CALVARY WEBSITECLICK HERE for the Air Calvary giving information that includes PayPal.  Please put "Straw Family" in the "description" on the paypal form or in the "note" section of your check.

2. C&MA WEBSITE:  CLICK HERE for online payment.  Type in "Stephen and Alace Straw".  You can set up recurring donations there.

3. AT YOUR LOCAL C&MA CHURCH:  Write a check to your local church and note that it is for the "work of Stephen & Alace Straw- GABON".  This donation is credited to your local church as "Great Commission Fund" giving now!

If you do sign on for a Bongolo Bond, please also send me an email to let me know (  Thanks so much for giving this some thought.  We can't do it without you!

Love,  Steve and Alace

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