Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Have you ever been really inspired after a good movie, book, or seminar only to get back in “the grind” of life and have that inspiration squashed?  I think we’ve all been there, done that, bought the t-shirt; right?
Sometimes we’ll even get to the point of making a “to do” list that includes the action steps toward fulfilling a new initiative.  For many of us, that just happened a month and a half ago as we outlined some goals for the new year.  So… I have to ask… how are you doing with that?

I’ll be the first to admit that this phenomena has been all too real in my life.  Initiatives to read a book, change my diet, invest in a particular relationship, equip myself with new education, etc.  It’s a bit of a bummer to have had lofty goals unfulfilled- perhaps it would have been better not to even have had them in the first place.  No doubt, these feelings of regret have the potential to light a fuse ending in an explosion of cynicism, self-doubt, sarcasm, pessimism, and more.

Me- typing away
Alace- sleeping away
As I write this (thanks to Windows Live Writer- a new discovery for me!), Alace and I are on a Kenya Airways flight at 37,000 feet returning home to Gabon from a conference (Alace found an empty row & is conked out!).

The gathering that we attended included reports from over 2 dozen programs, most in Africa, the middle East, or Asia- all doing amazing, redemptive things to express to people the Love of their creator God.  What are they up doing?  Community development, health care and education, marriage counseling, cross-cultural consulting, information technology education, micro finance, veterinary education, business skills training, college professors, orphan care, tree care education, arts education,IMG_2356 anthropology, care and education for autistic children, scripture translation, bee-keeping, and more!

The passion was oozing from each participant as they shared how, through the God-given skills and talents, they were able to engage with those around them and display God’s love for them.  Idea sharing and networking ensued.  Visions were born, dreams of new initiatives were hatched, action steps were written down!

Alace and I were no exception- we have come away from the conference with our own set of ideas and plans.  Some are in the form of things we want to do right when we get home.  Others are a bit more long term.

I read recently thIdea balloonat, when we set out to accomplish a goal, we are much more likely to attain it if we share it with someone around us.  So, I encourage you to do the same with your goals.  Share them in your community.  Ask for guidance and prayer from your circle of support.  Find one person to coach you a bit and meet with them regularly to discuss the progress of your action steps.fuse

If you don’t, you’re liable to curb your enthusiasm, and light the fuse.

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  1. Love you guys! Steve and Alace ....a big hello and hug from Colorado Springs! Was so blessed our paths crossed!!