Saturday, January 12, 2013

Asking the Right Questions in 2013

We'll be sending out a newsletter soon called "3, 2, 1, ... LAUNCH 2013!".  It describes much about where we're at and where we're headed this coming year.  If you don't receive our "snail mail" newsletters, please email me to do so ( I'm happy to make sure one gets to your front door!

In 2013, there will be much transition and growth for our program.  In it all, we will seek to prayerfully reflect.  We want to strive to make sure to ask the right questions.  One big one is, "what does 'success' look like for our work here?", and, "what are the right 'metrics' to assist us in evaluating our journey and effectiveness?".  We covet your prayers and teamwork on this adventure!  Much of this is uncharted airways!

A Friend of mine, Brian Rice, leads an organization called "Leadership ConneXtions International". In a recent email, he shared some great food for thought as we enter 2013:

"It seems as though the second half of a (person's) life is made up of nothing but the habits he/she had accumulated in the first half."  (Dostoevsky)

Important words to hear. They go along with another statement that I quote from memory below (and cannot remember the author).

"Middle age is when we pay the price for not dealing with the dysfunctions of our youth."

Take a little time and reflect on what you are buidling into your life in the FIRST HALF... for that will inevitably frame how your SECOND HALF is experienced.

* What do you want to build into your life this year?
* What changes do you want to explore in 2013?
* What new areas of learning are you going to pursue?
* What issues do you need to attend to NOW so they are not crippling LATER?

By God's grace, he will complete the good work he has started in your life. However . . . He does invite you to be a part of that process of maturity and growth.

(for more from Brian, contact him at )

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