Monday, December 3, 2012

Eye Clinic Update!

From the director of the Bongolo Hospital eye clinic, Dr. Wendy Hofman:

"[Here] is the picture of an eye clinic patient named Ndoti-Donga.  He had been blind in both eyes for several years due to cataracts.  The day after surgery, he could see 20/40!  When they took his patch off, he looked at his daughter (also pictured), and said, 'Wow, you have grown up!'  He also gained spiritual sight during his time at Bongolo, accepting Christ for the first time!"


  1. You all area doing an awesome job. Great example of Team Work in it's truest sense. Many parts of the body with one glorify Christ in and through your lives. Thanks for being a blessing to so many. And thank you for sharing the moments with us. Very encouraging!!

  2. Amen, very good Job...Jean Mtial Divounguy..