Saturday, November 24, 2012

No "I" in TEAM !!!

On the subject of team...

Alace and I are so blessed to serve on a larger team, here in Gabon, that all serves through a connection to the national C&MA ("Alliance Chretienne") of Gabon.  It includes the social works of the Bongolo Hospital, primary health clinics (SNI & OSPAC), a rehab & eye clinic (RBC), the Hope House (home for abandoned children), the Good Samaritan (care for widows & shut-ins), and more. In the past couple of days, we've seen this team really work so well together. 

"How?", you ask?

1.  22 NOVEMBER:  Bongolo Hospital Blesses OSPAC:  In the photos from the last post (First Flights), the father of the young child, is Pastor Jacob, who has worked with the OSPAC clinic for many years, primarily as the one leading the evangelistic aspects.  Bongolo bent over backwards to bless Pastor Jacob's son and get him a quick consult and care so he could get back to Libreville and avoid a difficult ground journey had it worked out otherwise.  Thank you Bongolo Team!!!

2.  22 NOVEMBER:  Bongolo Hospital Blesses the Libreville Team:  Upon arrival at the hospital's airport, Dr. Wendy H., our ophthalmologist, took time out of her day off to come to the airport to pick up Pastor Jacob, his son, and Papa Pierre.  Did I mention that she had her two young children with her?  I personally know how difficult it can be to load up a 3 month old and a 2 year old in a car and run errands.  Thank you Wendy!!!

3. 22 NOVEMBER:  Bongolo Blesses the Libreville Team:  The Bongolo team also assisted Papa Pierre, our Libreville based business agent assistant to also receive care quickly after his arrival on the airplane.  He, also, was able to get back to Libreville on the afternoon flight.

4.  23 NOVEMBER:  Bongolo Eye Clinic blesses RBC:  Dr. Elisee, who works at the Bongolo eye clinic, was in Libreville and spend some time on Friday working with the RBC eye clinic (based at an Alliance church in Libreville).  Dr. E was helping the director of the RBC eye clinic, Josephine, in some new training and techniques to enhance her work there- as well as seeing some patients.  Why was Dr. Elissee in Libreville?  He had been in DRC (former Zaire) visiting his family when the M23 rebels moved on the city of Goma.  This war activity was the reason for his early trip home.  He made use of his time in Libreville to pitch in at RBC- so cool!

5. 24 NOVEMBER:  OSPAC & Bongolo Surgeon-in-Training Blesses Bongolo Eye Clinic worker:  So, last night, at about 2:45am, my cell phone went off and it was Dr. Elisee asking for us to quickly come to his room- he is staying in the guest house next to our home.  We found him in severe pain from what turned out to be a kidney stone.  Thankfully, Dr. Dembele is also at our guest house.  We called him to the room and he made an evaluation (Let's just say that Dr. Elisee was in INTENSE pain).  Additionally, we called Dr. Renee and she confirmed Dr. D's diagnosis.  Then, Alace got on the phone to OSPAC (Mama Jeanine YNGUEMBA), who promptly jumped into action and made her way over to the guest house to get an IV going to hydrate Elisee as well as some meds to help manage his pain.

What a blessing to be part of a team that blesses one another giving evidence of the love of Christ!  Scripture makes it clear that the way that we, Jesus followers, treat one another is one of God's preferred methods to demonstrate HIS KINGDOM and LOVE for the world.

John 17:23, although it is a bit of a toungue twister, sums it up:

I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. 
Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.

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