Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mobile Medical Clinic- a tool of blessing!

Led by our local friends at "OSPAC", Alace and the kids joined with a short term mission team to support the work of a mobile medical clinic in a remote village near Libreville.

Here's Joe using an electric blood-pressure cuff to start people through the evaluation process. Next, they are weighed in and receive a consultation by a clinic worker.  Most workers have been trained at the Bongolo Hospital nursing school.

There is always a skit and/or testimony from someone from the team to explain that the clinic is the work of Jesus-followers seeking to live our their faith and be a blessing as God's Word instructs.  They are then told that, among the stations around the clinic, there will be one station where they can go to for more information about the health of their soul.

Sam is helping Envision intern, Suzanne, at the eye station.  Third line down?  P - T - L !

"Papi" Joe always keeps everyone laughing and smiling!

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