Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Future Runway!

Subtitle:  Men versus Jungle!

Here is the site plan for "COSAC" - a campus that will be the home of many of the social words of the local Alliance churches, here in Gabon.  Notice the gray band across the top- this is will be the airstrip!  They have invited me to counsel them on the construction of this airstrip.

From time to time, it's nice to load up and go do some "hackin' away" at the jungle.  Some day, a big machine will make quick work of this, but, for now, the Straw men (Joe, Sam, and I) are happy to fight the jungle back, little by little.  The hot pink arrows show where we hiked to to find the corner post and start clearing this past weekend.

You can see the corner post behind the tree that I'm chopping on.


The clearing starts to take shape!

Sometimes, just for fun, Sam would simply push trees over!  Notice the brute, Straw strength!!!

Next to the clearing was a dead tree still standing to about 20 feet high.  We made a burn pile at the base and thought we might see it weaken and fall by the time we departed, but, we waited... and waited... flames shot up the tree and even through the middle of it!  But... it still stood.  We're going back soon to see if it's still standing.  Did I mention there's no such thing as "forest fires" in Gabon?  It's rumored that, here in the jungle, you can even pour gasoline in the jungle and you will not succeed in lighting the jungle on fire.  (not that I'm going to try!)

Men versus Jungle!?!  I think, in this instance, "MEN" win for this 10 foot by 10 foot space!  Of course... give it a month and you'll never know we were there!


  1. Wow. This is so cool to see. Thank you for your dedication and labor of love. Can't imagine clearing a runway in that thick jungle. See any cool animals?

    1. Hey Pastor Bill! No cool animals this time, besides the hundreds of crabs that we scare off in the low-lying mangroves that are off to the west end of the property while we were hiking in. We're always expecting to see a snake or two... so far, no luck!