Saturday, July 7, 2012

Flight pictures- 29 June

Preflight- Adding oil.  One quart of Aeroshell 100w is $18 for me.  By comparison, it's about $6 in the US.

Departure off of Runway one-six from LBV International.  "Point Denis" off to the right...

... Libreville off to the left.

We were following the coast up at 4000 feet- mainly clear as we headed 187 degrees.

Oil operation along the coast.
During dry season. many people like to burn off their fields to keep the jungle at bay.  Dry season is generally June through August.

Some interesting sights along the coast as we came back north toward Libreville, after our Omboue visit.

A cool eco-tourism outpost in one of the protected areas of Gabon- Wonga-Wongue.

A large compound at Point Denis, across the estuary from Libreville.

Turning onto final approach for runway one-six, behind the Lufthansa Boeing 737, we passed the "Friendship Stadium"- one of the main venue's for February's "Cup of African Nations" soccer tournament.

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