Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today's Flight

Ngounie River near our halfway mark- the Fougamou airstrip.
Great flight today.  Beautiful weather back and forth to Bongolo from Libreville.  Flight level 070 on the way down, and then kept it down at 025 for some sightseeing on the way back, following the Ngounie river.

To Bongolo:   two docs and a wife from Ohio who will be joining in the training of African surgical interns (PAACS program).


From Bongolo:  Bongolo’s HIV/AIDS clinic directing doctor and 4 young medical students who were visiting Bongolo, overnight, from Schweitzer Hospital.  On the way back to Libreville, we dropped off one of the med students at Lamberene (FOGR), where Schweitzer hospital is located.  He caught a cab from there.

Next scheduled flight is about 10 days off.  Will give me time to spend at civil aviation- they have not renewed our flight permits, despite my having asked for it about 3 weeks ago.  So, this is one of those cases where I’ll be babysitting the paperwork through to completion.  C’est la vie.

Also on the docket is the renewal of the airport certification at Bongolo, and then setting up the next “Operation Runway Rehab” events.  Sometime this summer, the leadership of the national church would like to have a ceremony marking the work of AMB- so that is on tap as well.

Have a good week,


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