Monday, February 27, 2012

G.A.P.- God Answers Prayer

Every time I would see a product from the retailer GAP that proudly displayed their name on it, I would point and say to my kids, "hey- God Answers Prayer!"  A nice reminder that God is actively involved in our lives.  How incredible that the Creator of the Universe cares about each aspect of our lives and wishes to incorporate us into a perfect plan where He is glorified, and we realize our greatest joys.  Hard to imagine, but... try it out and see.

In this vein, I ask that you would spend time communicating with God (intercessing) about the following:

A BIG BIG BIG prayer request that we need intercession on is our request to the Gabonese government that our import of aviation fuel be exonerated from all extra costs and taxes.  The minister of health has already signed off on this and we now need the minister of commerce to sign off prior to heading to the port and verifying that all is in order.  We submitted our request nearly a year ago, so this is really taking an inordinate amount of time.  Without this exoneration, our fuel costs will continue to be sky high and our service will be too costly for us to do anything but squeak by paying our operational costs, and not being able to build a subsidy fund for conducting flights for the most needy.

Thanks for your prayers!!! God is great and greatly to be praised!


PS. CLICK HERE for more info on how this exoneration and subsequent fuel purchase will impact our work here in central Africa.

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