Tuesday, September 20, 2011

VIDEOS- Our City Under Construction!

Here is a video with some sights and sounds of all the construction around our city, Libreville, in preparation for one of the continents biggest sporting events- the Cup of African Nations (CAN).  It starts in January, so the workers are trying to finish things up quickly.  We would like this... maybe Then, traffic can go from a stand still to the next level of "inching along"!  Enjoy the video!

Here's another video from a location just outside of the city.  It's about 1 mile from the large complex that the national church has purchased to develop a social works campus... airstrip included!


  1. wow...that looks impressive. stupid question, but it will still be there in the summer, right? or no?

  2. Hey Olivia! Yep- it will all be here... the new stadiums, the new bridges, and STILL... the traffic! Are you coming back!?!