Monday, September 12, 2011

N207FD Gets Paint!

Here's an update from the team at MMS Aviation regarding the new paint job for our aircraft!

Hi Steve, today we rolled 207FD out of the paint booth and moved it to the main hangar for the assembly process.
Josh sprayin' away.

In the booth.  Notice the old skins on the ground.

Out of the booth!  Here is Dale tugging N207FD to the next phase.
Today, we pulled the aircraft out of the paint booth.  There is more painting that needs to happen to the horizontal, right aileron, left flap and other smaller parts.  We hang the wings tomorrow, and start rigging those this week.  19-23 Sept we will install interior and finish up on the panel work.  26-30 Sept, I hope to install the horizontal and elevators vertical and rudder, and get those rigged.  install the prop, fill up with fuel and do the engine runs.  3-7 Oct Annual inspection.  Hopefully I will have it up and running for you when you arrive on the 11th.  I would like to get in between 5 -10 hours of RTS (Return To Service flight time) so that we can work out all the rigging details and any other bugs that we find.  Blessings, Dale

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