Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Today's Aircraft Repair Update from MMS Aviation

Hi Steve, 

We did start installing the interior yesterday, and after taking a close look at it again, the velcro is stitched onto the plastic floor covering sections. The loose velcro that I was seeing on the plastic was the velcro that had pulled up from the floor. 

We fabricated a new stainless door sill cover for the cargo door and installed that yesterday. 

When we were repairing the left flap yesterday, we found additional cracking on the lower skin that someone had stop drilled and filled the hole with body filler and then painted. I am not able to put that skin back on so we have a new skin on its way and will get that installed soon. The top skin has the same thing but we are able to do a repair. 

The instrument lighting was wired incorrectly and not working as it should. One transistor was missing and the dimmers were bad. I have a new dimmer here and we are in the process of rectifying that.


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