Monday, August 15, 2011

Recent Flights

Recent Flights

I am pleased to report that we have seen an increase of flights using a rental Cessna 206 for the support of the Bongolo Hospital, here in Gabon.   
      > 24 June:  Flight 1124a moved 2 large pieces of very fragile eye clinic machines from Libreville to Bongolo, avoiding the harsh roads below that would have surely left them inoperable.  These machines will now be used to make low-cost, near and far sighted eye glasses for those living in rural, hard to reach places.   

     > 24 June:  Flight 1124b assisted in transporting Bongolo Hospital staffers from Bongolo to Libreville so that they could arrive in time for important appointments at the immigration offices the next morning.   

      > 16 July:  Flight 1128a transported needed medical air mattress to Bongolo.   

      > 16 July:  Flight 1128b assisted in transporting the Air Calvary visiting team (Ralph A., Steve H., and Sarah) from Bongolo to Libreville where they could rejoin their church’s short term mission team. 

 >02 August:  Flight 1131a transported a wheelchair to a woman in need in the jungles near Bongolo.

     >  02 August:  Flight 1131b assisted visitors from Pittsburgh, PA to return from Bongolo to Libreville in time for their international flight the next day.

Without these flights, most would have to endure a bone-jarring 10 to 12 hour road journey.   Instead, they were treated to a bird’s eye view of the beautiful country of Gabon- flying past mountains, waterfalls, rivers, grasslands and more.  They were blessed to have their time at Bongolo expanded and the services of compassion they bring expedited.  God is at work with Air Calvary in Gabon and it is humbling to be involved.

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