Friday, July 22, 2011

N207FD Repair Update

Here's the latest from Dale at MMS Aviation where they are restoring our aircraft for service:

Today, we started putting in the rear spar carry through.  On further inspection, the one crack that we were able to see from the accident, was not the only crack in the piece.  Actually, there were 3 other cracks in the other 3 corners.  So, it is a good thing that we are changing it.

 The Horizontal is finished, and only needs to be painted.  The right wing is sitting next to the aircraft and is all newly painted and awaiting installation. 

I did a test of the pitot static system this week and found that the encoder was leaking.  It is unrepairable, so I took the liberty to order a new ACK-A30 encoder.
The avionics cooling fan came in yesterday, so we will start work on that next week along with the encoder.  I discovered a few cracks in the cabin fuselage formers down the left side, so we are repairing those.          

The floor is 99% down, and we have 10 screws to install when we take the gear out one more time.
The right brake master cylinder attach has significant wear on it and I am changing it.  Not a very easy job, but the part was cheap enough....$70 or so.  The Tailcone will start to come off next week, and then while that is being repaired, we will start closing up the cabin, and instrument panel.  I am still waiting on the HF field approval.

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