Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th Festivities!

For the Fourth, we decided that a road trip was in order.  So, it was off to the Bongolo Hospital with the fam and our 4 visitors- Alace's mom, Barbara, and our good friends Wendy and Nina with our newest good friend (and Nina's cousin), Sally.  We arrived on Sunday and will stay until Wednesday morning. 

Here are some photos from today's fun:

Barbara, Alace, and Wendy at the rapids near the Bongolo Hospital.

Luke and Sam help each other get in position to ride the rapids.

Nina and Sally.

The whole gang!  Joanna (Luke and Sarah's mom) shot the photo.

Prior to heading to the rapids, I started troubleshooting our airports transport ATV that doesn't seem to wanna start lately.

Rachael T. added her special flare to the event by serving some delicious tea on the riverside!

Megan and Wendy "chillin'" ...literally!

Like a scene out of a movie!  These rapids are only like this in the dry season (June-August).  After that, the river runs much higher and the "water park" is closed until the next dry season.

Megan, Sam, and I.  We were enjoying our very own natural jacuzzi!

Megan and I were striking a pose for the JC Penny swimsuit catalog- jungle edition!

In the morning, prior to the water park, the ladies hit the Lebamba market.  It's not very big, but you'll  notice some patriotic themes in this shop... reds, whites, blues.... and President Obama!

The Lebamba shopkeepers were very happy to have some customers, as you can see.  All prices are negotiable.

Gram was making friends everywhere she went.

They fit right in, oui?

Wendy got a lesson on how to properly wrap her head.  This is a fashion statement as well as a medical application... who knew!

Happy Fourth, everyone!  We are thankful to be US citizens for a while... but especially blessed to be able to be from a country where we can freely proclaim our ultimate citizenship in Heaven, joining the multitudes from every tongue, tribe, people, and nation around the throne in what will be the biggest worship event ever, for eternity!

ps.  For all the photos, CLICK HERE

pps.  The day before departing to Bongolo, the ladies participated in "Operation Guest House Beautification"!  Here's a link to those photos:

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  1. Wow. That looks like such a beautiful place. I love water sports and rapids and chillin in the river. Sadly, none of those are options here in Niger. I know...just feeling sorry for myself :) Totally need to visit one day. My hubby will love to help fix, build, fly thing (he did have his gliders pilot license once when he thought he would be a pilot).
    Sorry no pictures of him welding at the airport. That man has an aversion to cameras and won't take pictures unless I directly ask him!
    Blessings on you and your family!