Friday, July 1, 2011

Friends Visit Airplane Repair

Here are more details and photos from the Bedford Community Church (Temperance, MI) that trekked to the MMS Aviation facility in Coshocton, OH to see how the repairs to N207FD were going.  I'll let Eunice, the group leader, share her thoughts here:

"Dwight Jarboe (MMS Aviation President) invested 2-1/2 hours showing us planes and explaining their ministry.  We were most impressed.  Keith Dodson helped us set things up and gave us a neat DVD with segments on your plane that were most interesting. 

On your plane they explained they are rebuilding it from the front back.  It was great to know the engine and prop were not damaged.

The couple with us are Bill and Cheri.  He has been strongly burdened by the LORD to pray for your plane before you ever had it to use in Africa.  He was thrilled to pray in the circle photo with Dale.  He also prayed for Dale's health and family and for the future the LORD has planned for this plane to impact many lives for eternity.  Eunice"

We are so blessed to have supporters like Eunice, Bob, Bill, Cheri, and so many more of you that are joining us for the twists and turns of this exciting journey!  Thank  you for your prayers as we trek on.  Blessings, Steve and Alace


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