Friday, May 20, 2011

Track our Flights!

**** NOTICE ****
As of 01 September, 2013 SPOT service has experienced temporary service cut for our corner of the world.  Here is the map they published showing the scope of the outage:

We will continue flight following of each flight using an internal program called AFFS that is integrated with our HF radio and Garmin GPS.
We'll resume the SPOT flight following when we are able.

Click on this link to follow our flights in Gabon: SPOT FLIGHT FOLLOWING

When we fly, we will be activating a SPOT device. Every 10 to 20 minutes of flight, it sends a signal to a satellite which, in turn, sends info to the website which gives our coordinates (no altitude) mapped out on a google earth map. When we're not flying, a message will appear on the screen saying that there is no current information.

Will we be flying soon?

As you know, our primary aircraft is down for repairs in the US. However, we do have backup aircraft available. In the past, we had just one backup option, a Beechcraft Baron (6 seat, twin-engine aircraft), but in just that past two weeks, two other options look promising. A local businessman has a Cessna 206 (6 seat, single engine utility aircraft) that he would like us to use. Additionally, a conservationist has arrived in Gabon with a Cessna 182 (4 seat, single engine aircraft).

We are investigating these additional options, so flights may be resuming sooner than we thought!

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