Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Airplane Repairs Update

Here's the latest from our team leader at MMS Aviation, Dale:

Today we are replacing the aft belly skin, which will allow us to then put the floor back down, so that we can install the seat rails. There are a few bolts that attach the seat rails, floor and outboard gear casting together, and those nuts can only be tightened with the gear leg removed.

So, as a result, the aircraft is not on the ground yet, as I had hoped, however, we are still making good progress. I have had a dry fit of the landing gear, and I didnt seem to have any problems.

There are some cables in the belly that have been rubbing that I will be remaking, and then before the floor goes down, I will be putting those back in.

I have found additional damage on a roof skin, which points to a little damage around the front spar attach on the right side, so I have a little work to do in that area too.

I have included a photo of Andy sealing the right door sill, and mark removing the belly skin. Blessings, Dale

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